Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

We are a service dedicated to helping students elevate their academic achievements by providing online help whenever they need. We carefully evaluate each and every assignment submitted to us and make sure that it is something that is well within our expertise before taking any payment. Have you tried submitting a request to other similar services? After stumbling around terrible, outdated websites, you will often be met with a preposterous quote and a tutor only pretending to be an expert in the matter. When communicating with our tutors you will immediately be aware of their experience in the subject and patience to listen and meet your every need. The fact that many of our students choose to return to us again and again for their exams and assignments gives us great confidence that we are doing things right!

We require absolutely no personal information from students besides an email address and a first name (or a made up nickname). Your identity is 100% protected even from us, files that you submit are inaccessible to anyone but you and your tutor and use of PayPal relies on their well-established security systems. 

We take great pride in gathering the best team of tutors with exceptional academic achievements and tutoring experience that are able to excel at exams. Even though a perfect grade can not be absolutely guaranteed due to the nature of live and time-limited exams, our tutors get the best mark in the vast majority of cases and will prepare even for very class-specific questions using your course materials.  We are so confident in our test taking abilities that we guarantee a refund if you fail your exam.

You can chat with us directly using the chat box in the bottom right corner of the website or send an inquiry through the submission form on the front page. Just explain what your assignment/exam is about, when does it take place and attach examples of past exams or course lectures that will help us better understand the requirements.

We use WhatsApp to send and receive questions and answers during live tests. If there is need, we can use Team Viewer to directly access your computer, or share your screen. 

Prices & Payment

No. We are a paid service that requires a PayPal account.

The price is unique for every work order you submit. The price mostly depends on the subject area and level of work difficulty.

Prices are negotiable, but keep in mind that our tutors do their best to properly evaluate the scope of work and deliver a reasonable quote. If the quote is above your budget, you can tell the tutor what your budget is and see if you can come to an agreement.

At the moment we are accepting only PayPal. We are looking to expand payment options in the near future.

After agreeing on the quote with the tutor you will make an upfront payment before the start of the exam. That is a guarantee to our tutors to start preparing for the exam and making themselves available during the scheduled time. 

Due to exceptional quality of our tutors refunds are very rare on our website. However, in the event that a student requires one, refunds are available if student and tutor both agree that one is appropriate. If the agreement can not be reached with the tutor, an independent third person from the organization will take over and evaluate the situation. We understand your money is very important and we make sure to provide a refund when it is necessary.